Sour Water Pretreatment Kit

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OndaVia Sour Water Pretreatment Columns use solid-phase extraction (SPE) to reduce or eliminate potential interferences for amine analysis. Refinery process water samples may contain high levels of salts, organic acids, and hydrocarbons. Our SPE-based method eliminates these materials, providing a clear amine signal for proper quantification. When used in with our Portable SPE Column pump, a process that takes less than five minutes.

The method begins with an initial wash step to prepare the column for use. This wash is followed by passing the sample through the column and collecting the eluant for analysis. The interfering compounds are captured within the column. This method also helps prepare crude extractions for amine analysis.

Designed to treat water samples before amine analysis, our SPE-based columns quickly and easily treat water samples. An instructional video is available here.

Columns are provided as ten (10) per sleeve.

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